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MLS Laser Therapy
Mphi Vet Orange


Peak power of 75 W and average power up to 1.2 W: this is the additional value of Mphi Vet Orange, the new device for MLS® Laser Therapy result of research carried out by ASAlaser. The qualities already present in Mphi Vet – ease of use and portability – now become orange to achieve new goals. The new peak power and average power levels are used to their best advantage thanks to the synchronisation of the emissions (continuous/frequency and pulsated), enabling them to reach deep into the tissues and ensuring total safety.

Acting on the pain in a more immediate way, enhancing the photomechanical effect, speeding up the anti-oedema effect and promoting the activation of cellular repair processes is made even easier.

Specific software, with predefined protocols for treating CATS, DOGS, EQUINE and EXOTIC ANIMALS, allows one to modify parameters in order to set treatment modes for an ever more customized veterinary treatment.

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