CR7 Vet

iM3 CR7 Vet


The CR7 Vet provides unsurpassed high-resolution dental images, fast processing time, user friendly software and the largest range of reusable flexible plate sizes for dental and small animal extremity applications. Achieve a full mouth series in a medium to large size dog with just 6 X-ray’s.

Discover underlying pathology, increase workflow efficiency with wider clinical application only achievable with iM3’s large format size 4 and size 5 high resolution dental image plates.


Product Brochure

iM3 CR7 Dental Xray Brochure.pdf


Product Details

CR7 Vet. The benchmark in digital X-Ray imaging for veterinary dentistry

  • Excellent quality, superior, high-resolution images via Vet-Exam software
  • Can be networked across 10 PCs in the practice
  • Full DICOM compliance ensures easy export of data
  • Incredibly compact at 23cm x 24cm x 24cm. Only 6kg.
  • Unique design protects unit and radiographs from dust, hair and particles that can reduce image quality
  • Easily removed plate feeder for cleaning
  • Plate feeder accepts all image plate sizes without the need to change loading cradles – unlike other systems
  • Largest range of plate sizes

CR7 Vet. No chemicals, no waste, no delay.

  • Delivers excellent quality, high resolution images via Vet-Exam software (less than 12 sec for size 2 plate)
  • Cost-effective, high-quality plates can be reused 1,000s of times
  • Largest range of flexible plate sizes from 0 (2x3cm) to 5 (5.7×9.4cm). Perfect for dental and extremity radiographs
  • Flexible thin plates allow for easy positioning in the animal’s mouth
  • Unique barrier sleeves protect plates from light, contamination, and damage during use

The CR7 Vet system includes:

  • CR7 Vet image plate scanner and Vet-Exam software
  • 10 Network licenses and PACS functionality
  • Size 2 (4pc) and size 4 (1pc) high resolution reusable imaging plates
  • Size 2 (300ct) and Size 4 (100ct) single use, disposable barrier sleeves
  • Protective dust cover