Biobest Rabies Test

Rabies Testing Biobest are the main provider of rabies testing in the UK. Our laboratory has been providing this service since the launch of the original Pet Travel Scheme in 1999. We accept samples from customers worldwide and have developed our service to ensure that all customers are provided with an outstanding service at a

Anesthetic Vaporizor Calibration

Annually The vaporizer should be serviced annually at a Midmark authorized Service Center. This service includes the following: 1. Complete disassembly of the vaporizer and its components. 2. Thorough cleaning. 3. Inspection for damage and wear. 4. Renewal of wicks, seals and any damaged, worn or outdated components. 5. Lubrication where necessary.

IDEXX Reference Laboratories

The most complete and advanced menu of diagnostic tests Our unrelenting commitment to innovation keeps you at the forefront of diagnostic advancements and patient care with IDEXX-exclusive tests. RealPCR testing Microbiology services Pathology services Spec cPL Test/Spec fPL Test Fecal Dx antigen testing IDEXX SDMA Test

IDEXX Telemedicine Consultation

Services Radiology Small-animal and equine consults A detailed written interpretation of imaging studies is provided based on the patient medical history and presenting complaints. Radiographs Ultrasound Radiographs and ultrasounds MRI CT Cardiology Cardiac consults and screens A detailed written interpretation of an ECG or cardiac imaging study is provided based