Mistral-Air® MA1200

Mistral-Air® MA1200

The Mistral-Air Forced Air Warming System enables simple, safe and efficient management of patient temperature. The high-volume blower, featuring HEPA filtration, is designed to work in tandem with low- pressure blankets that evenly distribute diffused warm air over the surface of the patient to help control against the onset of hypothermia.
Mistral-Air Blankets are available in numerous configurations for patient- and position-specific warming. A broad range of standard and premium warming blankets facilitates use in a wide variety of clinical settings.
System features
Mounting options
Mistral-Air’s low profile design allows it to be mounted onto a variety of surfaces such as walls, stretchers, beds, IV poles and stands.
Separate filter alarm
After 2,000 hours of use, the Mistral-Air HEPA f ilter alarm will sound to notify you that a new f ilter is needed.
Telescoping stand
The new Mistral-Air stand has a molded, plastic base and a telescoping pole that can be raised to increase the height of the stand.
Additional features:

• Increased heat transfer

• Over temperature alarms

• Default startup temperature of 38º C

• Quiet, high-volume blower

• Wide range of standard and premium disposables

• Sterile disposables options