The Vet Market Choice for Over 15 Years

Trusted by veterinarians to deliver vet infusions for over 15 years, the NIKI V4™ is a reliable infusion pump for delivering fluids and medications. The pump can be configured to most commonly used administration sets of your choice leading to valuable cost reductions. With Macro, Micro, 10-Steps, and TPN modes it enables most therapies with an easy to use interface and clear numerical LED display.



Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) • Critical care • Animal transport • Emergency medicine • Fluid replacements • Lipids • Enzyme replacements • Chronic pain management


Intended Use:

Parenteral • Intravenous • Subcutaneous • Percutaneous • Intra-Arteria


Product Details

Features & Benefits

Infusion programs:
• Micro
• Macro
• 10-Steps

Piston Mechanism
Delivers ± 5 % accuracy and 1.8 μl linear
infusion even at low flow rates using
dedicated infusion sets.

0.1 to 999 ml/h Flow Rates
A wide range to serve a variety of
infusion regimens.

Ultrasonic Air Sensor
Provides 2 levels of air detection.