OxyVet III PLUS Oxygen Concentrator

OxyVet III PLUS Oxygen Concentrator


The most compact and lightweight 10 litre oxygen concentrator suitable for anesthesia use.

  • Energy efficient system as it does not require an oxygen cylinder
  • Easy to use interface with clear arrangement of functions and monitoring information
  • Visual and audible alarms ensure patient safety (low oxygen concentration, power failure, pressure drop or device malfunction)
  • Very low audible levels (60 dbA)
  • Additional oxygen outlet enables the use of all common filling stations (in combination with optional storage)
  • Adjustable fl ow rate: 2–10 l/min
  • Oxygen concentration: 96 %
  • Outlet pressure: 1.38 bar ± 0.07 bar
  • Dimensions (in cm): L 34 x W 30 x H 62
  • Weight: 19 kg


Item No.

213177 OxyVet III PLUS Oxygen Concentrator

213176 Bubble Humidifier

  • Humidifies oxygen prior to patient delivery