VacciCheck is a superior “in-house” titer testing solution that is:

A revolutionary product
The only in-clinic titer test kit that tests for all 3 core vaccine antigens and compares favorably with Gold Standards. VacciCheck is the only kit on the market approved for use by regulatory authorities such as USDA (USA), CFIA (Canada), Japan (MAFF) and others.
Superior quality
An in-clinic titer test, that obtains laboratory-grade results. Provides semi quantitative serological results simultaneously for the three core canine or feline diseases.
Easy to use, easy to interpret
Test individual patients for up to 12 samples at a time, in six simple steps. Obtain clear and scored results in just 23 minutes. Alternatively, batch test patients for greatest efficiency.
Highly affordable
VacciCheck provides you reliable information about your pet-patients’ immunology, without breaking the bank. Testing in-house is more cost effective than sending titer test samples off to a lab, making VacciCheck a leading effective and affordable serological testing solution
Expand the range of services provided in your practice
You can now handle your clients’ increasing awareness about the necessity of routine vaccination and possible side effects by recommending a titer test during the annual health check
Avoiding unnecessary vaccination has never been simpler, with VacciCheck.